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When opening her gourmet restaurant, Mallory Gabsi trusted us with the creation of her website.

The website of Mallory Gabsi’s restaurant is a real success. In one year, it attracted a significant number of visitors, thanks to an effective SEO strategy which generated a majority of organic traffic. The site was designed with particular attention to the mobile experience, which paid off as the majority of users visited the site from their smartphone.

Visitors spent an average of over a minute on the site, browsing and discovering the elegance of the restaurant. The most impressive is the conversion rate which demonstrates that the site not only attracts visitors, but succeeds in converting them into customers.

The results →

Around 300,000 users in 1 year

A website that has captivated a significant number of users.

Peak of 60,000 visitors

We took care to select a server capable of handling a number of simultaneous connections without overloading the site.

1 min 21 seconds

The average visit duration exceeding one minute proves the undeniable appeal of the site.

Full restaurant over weeks

We designed a website that attracted a large number of visitors, immersing them in the atmosphere of the restaurant and encouraging them to book.

70% organic traffic

70% of our traffic comes from natural searches, attesting to the effectiveness of our SEO.

80% mobile traffic

We focused on optimizing the mobile experience, which proved successful given the scale of mobile traffic.