A long-standing

(website) – (seo & sea) – (design) – (photos)

For many years, we have supported the restaurant Les Canailles in their digital adventure.

Our collaboration extends from the creation of their website to the implementation of a tailor-made strategy, including the production of professional photos and SEO optimization.

We also designed their graphic charter, thus strengthening their visual identity.

+ 70,000 users per year

With 70,000 annual visitors, 58% of whom are on mobile, our commitment to accessibility and immersion in the restaurant world is palpable.

Each element has been carefully arranged to enhance the dishes, simplify access to the menus and facilitate online reservations. Our tailor-made graphic charter reinforces the visual identity of the restaurant, while the recent addition of a QR code allows our partners to spread the reputation of the restaurant in one click, highlighting the website, the menus and providing a gateway direct to online booking.