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In June 2022, we offered our client a redesign of their site.

With the Hôtel de l’Atelier, it is a long-standing collaboration. Thanks to this redesign, the improvements made have paid off in a remarkable way.

Compared to the previous year, we saw a notable increase of +21,88% in bookings, accompanied by an increase in revenue of +33,59%.

These results, in addition to a solid initial conversion rate, illustrate the continued success of our partnership with Hôtel de l’Atelier.

The results →

+5.59% conversion rate

The conversion rate increased significantly from one year to the next, going from 3.27% to 5.59%.

+ 33.59% turnover

The year following the site redesign saw a significant increase in turnover.

57% desktop traffic

We create websites that provide a responsive and accessible user experience across all devices.

2 min 19 seconds

The average visit duration exceeding two minutes proves the undeniable appeal of the site.​