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We have supported the Bloom House since its opening in September 2023.

In just one month since its launch, the hotel’s official website has achieved an excellent start, thus confirming its position in the market. When it comes to bookings, we have gained a considerable share, accounting for almost 69.58% of bookings compared to Booking.

This stems from an overall strategy. We designed a website reflecting the very essence of Bloom House, a modern showcase that reveals all its singularity. The optimization of the booking engine in collaboration with Synxis ensures a smooth user experience, inviting each visitor to immerse themselves in the distinctive atmosphere of this establishment.

At the same time, we developed impactful communication materials, such as magazines, brochures and flyers, capturing the exquisite ambiance of the Bloom House Hotel. The result ? An explosion of performance and a success that fills us with pride.

The results →

69.58% market share

From the launch, the official site represents 69.58% of reservations compared to Booking.

2 mins 22 seconds

The average visit duration exceeding two minutes proves the undeniable appeal of the site.

63% mobile traffic

We have focused on optimizing the mobile experience, which has proven to be successful.

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